Spotlight on Edison: New Tale Spinners Group


Tale Spinners, the newest  Salmon House Writers Workshop after-school program for Edison Elementary students, just concluded its first session. What a great time we had! Conducted on campus, the Tale Spinners Group’s activities were uniquely informed by the school’s history and traditions of storytelling. One of the highlights of Winter session was the guided tour with Principal Tom Horn exploring the mysteries beyond the locked blue door in the corner of our classroom; a door that leads to the Edison “catacombs”.


The catacombs are rumored to be the home of Abigail, the  good-natured, mischievous ghost of a former student.  After an absolutely captivating trip into the secret twists and turns of the catacombs, students wrote their own original stories about Abigail’s antics; from rearranging Chef Ray’s kitchen and pranking students, to stashing sugar in her catacomb hideaway.


One Tale Spinner’s student, Celia Sherman entered her Abigail Tale in the Wordcrafters 2016 Young Writers Contest and was awarded 2nd prize in the Elementary category. Congratulations Celia!

Edison Tale Spinners begins its Spring session on April 5th. For more information please visit our Programs page.



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