Private Tutoring


Do you have a student who could benefit from personally tailored support in academic writing? Do you know a young creative writer who would like to get one-on-one instruction on writing craft? Sallie Vandagrift offers individual creative or academic writing tutoring for budding writers of any age. Sessions are specifically designed to meet the needs of the student in a fun and encouraging environment. Here’s what folks are saying about it:

Before we started tutoring, both of my kids claimed that they didn’t like to write. Now they look forward to their writing sessions with Sallie, and they leave with smiles telling me, “That was fun!” Sallie has a great intuition for catering her approach to my kids’ needs, and I can already see their writing getting stronger.

Here’s what the kids say about Sallie:

“She really helped me learn to organize my writing. Now I don’t get so overwhelmed by it all.”

“She gives great suggestions. She really encourages me too.”

-Liz P.

Sessions are $35 per hour, per student. Please contact SHWW at                                or call  541.326.6112 for more information.



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